guest speaker at The Paris American Academy

Visual merchandising keynote at The Paris American Academy. Sharing some of my experience with American students.

Located in the heart of the Paris latin quarter. During the past fifty years, students and professionals from 35 nationalities have participated in the intensive summer workshops, a semester term, or the full 3-year program. The strongly vocational approach prepares students for careers in Fashion, Fine Arts, Creative Writing, and Interior Design.

Comments from students Melissa Gaffey and Christine Remmes :

 » We started our day with a presentation on visual designing for shows and showrooms with our guest speaker Stephane Sengier. Sengier is a visual merchandiser now freelancing for luxury fashion retailers, ready to wear, jewelry and food and beverage industries as well as pop up concept stores and interior. He taught us the importance of the VM structure and discussed how to propose a clear structured offer. VM links the diverse workings of business connecting designers with art experience and demonstrates how it can increase the refined experience to emote a mood of maturity. One inspiring quote that was memorable from his lecture was: “A store is a story, like an an invitation for dinner, it’s a reflection of the personality of the hostess.”

A true take away from our experience with Stephane Sengier was his perspective on how one can succeed  within VM ? His tips included : 1. Zoning: Placing the right product in right place to enhance a clear vision. 2. Color Harmony: Express identity through using colors ; important in store layout. 3. Precision: Playing with shapes and placement to add luxurious feel. Reaching business target not just creating a pretty look but showing functionality 4. Future : Awareness. Applying advanced technologies, gathering information and linking social networks. Using cellphone sensors to monitor customer’s habits  in the store ; see where they are, where they are looking, how long they are there and applying technology to enhance the customer experience. »