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Collaboration sur le nouveau concept boutiques, le parcours client, le visual merchandising et les vitrines. Le parcours conçu avec le cabinet d’architecte Flint suggère une promenade dans un grand jardin tropical (tentures de soie verte) ponctué par des éléments de mobilier qui délimitent les chemins, avec des arbres véritables, une lumière changeant au fil de la journée…

The company was founded by Jim Thompson in 1951 while undertaking the task to revive the Thai silk industry. The “King of Silk” was a man of multiple dimensions: a visionary entrepreneur, a great marketer, an art collector, an aesthete, a man of action and conviction. The brand is active in fashion, home furnishings, art and cuisine. The Jim Thompson’s house & museum is one of the most famous place to see when in Bangkok and the home design fabrics have been used by top interior designers and architects and adorn some of the most luxurious hotels, residences, resorts around the world.