restaurant design bangkok

BOMBYX by JIM THOMPSON Bangkok Siam Paragon

Concept et design du mobilier pour ce restaurant galerie (2017-2018), avec des éléments polygonaux permettant de moduler l’espace et regrouper les tables en alvéoles,  en fonction des expositions programmées.

Jim Thompson has expanded from around 100 employees in 1967 to more than 3,000 today, and now boasts a selection of retail destinations and fabric showrooms ; as well as a string of first class restaurants both in Thailand and abroad. For this project (2017-2018), named after a species of silkworm, Bombyx was situated in Siam Paragon next to the Jim Thompson boutique. The space was a dramatic, dimly lit enclave festooned with splashes of turquoise. It also functioned as a gallery of sorts, showcasing art pieces by local greats. We introduced the abstract creations of Thaï artist Ithipol Thangchalok, whose works also made an appearance on Jim Thompson’s bestselling items, and have been displayed on framed canvas as well as on silk linen hanging from the ceiling. I designed the furniture as playful polygonal elements, setting a versatile space for the various exhibitions, selected the cutlery, uniforms of staff and the overall ambiance…

The second setting is inspired by the new flagship store concept (the silk jungle).